Foam Sculpture: Using Foam Core in Sculpting

Foam Sculpture

Foam SculptureFoam is made by mixing or combining a number of chemicals and adding a “gassing” agent to produce bubble and make the plastic cellular. It is made similar to how bread is made; mixing several ingredients like flour and yeast that makes the bread rise.  Foam is heated within the heat that is produced in the chemical reaction. Foam is a synthetic material appropriate for classroom carving experience. Foam can be sculpted and carved easily by using the right sculpting tools. Foam is similar but not identical to the foam used by florist in order to provide a foundation for their flower arrangement that can hold the flowers upright in vases.  Foam can be carved using a knife, and can be smoothed using a sand paper. Foam sculpture Merrifield MN can be made by using foam core and the right sculpting tools and materials.

Foam core is a durable, lightweight material that is used to mount photographic prints as a support in picture framing and in painting. It is also referred as “paper-faced” Foam Board that is composed of three layers which includes an inner layer of polystyrene foam clad and an outer layer of brown craft paper or a white clay-coated paper.  Foam core can be used in craft projects, presentations and as cake boards.  Foam core can be used in sculpting and carving. Sculpting using foam core is relatively easy and can be a DIY project.


Foam Core as a Material for Sculpting

Foam sculpture will not be possible without the use of the proper sculpting tools and materials.  Sculpting using foam core as its medium requires a lot of patience and carving skills. You cannot produce a sculpture in an instant; it requires a step by step procedure for you to achieve the desired output.


Using the Proper Knife

Using the wrong sculpting and cutting tool will do no good in foam sculpture. Sculpting foam core requires a delicate process so the right cutting and sculpting tools must be used. First time foam core sculptors will tend to use scissors for cutting.  Scissors flatten the foam core and cause the top and bottom parts to shred. Serrated knives can also be one of the options for cutting, though it can easily cut the foam, it may also damage it because this type of knife may produce uneven edges and rips.  The best option for cutting and sculpting foam core is a utility knife or a razor blade because they are very sharp and they can cut the foam core evenly without producing serrated edges and layers.


Do not force a cut

As sculpting a foam core is a process, the thickness of the foam core may be the indicator on how much force you have to exert in cutting. Thin foam core can be cut easily but thick ones will need more force and patience. Do not slice the board at the top and force the blade down because this will create or produce uneven edges. To make a precise and even cut, stop cutting when the knife or blade stops.  All you have to do is begin cutting again back from the top and repeat the process till the foam core is cut. Thick foam core should be cut in waves.  Use a utility knife to cut the foam core and cut it evenly.


Sculpting large foam core blocksFoam Sculpture

Blocks of foam core are available in the market, but you can also make your own foam core blocks by gluing several sheets of foam core all together.  A utility knife is not enough when working with large blocks of foam core because it will not be able to cut the blocks with precision that is needed in making your sculpture.  Serrated knife is not also the right tool to use as it can create jag edges and can cause the layers to rip. Cutting a thick piece of foam core will entail sharp blade and faster cutting.  Using electric carving knife is the best option when cutting and working with thick pieces of foam core and blocks.  An electric carving knife is sharp enough and it also move fast making it perfect for cutting thick foam cores.

Foam sculpture is a great way to show your creativity. Sculpting using foam core will not demand for high-end skills, you just have to have enough patience and a basic background in carving. Sculpting foam core is just easy and can be a great DIY project for all members of the family. You will not need to hire a professional to make your sculpture; you can create your masterpiece by your own.